The future is today

A profound responsibility in protecting the environment today in order to have a future tomorrow: it is the engine that drives O.L.C.I. in all its activities.

Every year O.L.C.I. looks for new ways – in agreement with its suppliers – to save more energy, eliminate waste and reduce the environmental impact.

Not only that: while O.L.C.I. undertakes innovative ways to reduce its impact, it designs and develops its customers’ systems with the same philosophy. In this way, O.L.C.I. tries to make its contribution to tackle climate change, creating plants that minimize energy consumption and direct gas emissions.

looking for new ways to save more energy


respect for the planet’s natural resources

For O.L.C.I., working means respect: respect for applicable laws, respect for ethical values and respect for the planet’s natural resources.

O.L.C.I. is constantly looking for new ways – in agreement with its suppliers – to save more energy

O.L.C.I. Engineering is a market leader in the development, design and implementation of advanced production systems for the Automotive Industry.

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