Completely under control

The quality of the production processes is fundamental for O.L.C.I. Attention to quality covers all areas and all activities not only at O.L.C.I., but in all the companies of the Group.

To ensure the highest possible quality to the Customer, O.L.C.I. has made the choice not to outsource strategic skills for the development of their projects, to be able to monitor the entire production process from early design phase to final installation and commissioning at Customer’s plant.

Our Quality

O.L.C.I. quality is certified: since 2013 O.L.C.I. has obtained ISO 9001 certification, implementing and applying the quality management system within its business activities.

O.L.C.I. Engineering, O.L.C.I. Engineering India, Autorobot Strefa and GME Aerospace have always worked in close symbiosis to offer the best efficiency and uncompromising quality.

O.L.C.I. ensures the highest possible quality to the customer

O.L.C.I. Engineering is a market leader in the development, design and implementation of advanced production systems for the Automotive Industry.

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