Electromechanical Tabletop Hemming System

O.L.C.I.’s tabletop hemming technology is based on an automatic system, including a set of electro-mechanic elements that make up the hemming machine. This hemming system can be used both for steel and aluminium parts.

Tabletop hemming technology offers a better product quality, with a lower space requirement and a reduced cycle time.

The design of the hemming machine is always open to the specific requirements of the Customer.


Technical Features

  • 45° hemming tool, working perpendicular to the flange
  • 90° hemming tool, working perpendicular to the flange
  • Electromechanical system
  • Low number of components
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hemming cycle time (excluding part loading and unloading): 18 sec.
  • Total Cycle time (including part loading and unloading): 33 sec
  • Force: 0,2 tons/linear cm
  • Maximal hemming length for single unit: 1.300 mm -> 2,6 tons
  • Blank holder/swinging unit:  pneumatic or electromechanical drive
  • Units installed worldwide until today: 640
  • Highest production capacity reached per unit : 5.500.000 (doors)

Table Top Hemming in our Customers Factories

Electromechanical Tabletop Hemming System

Our Standard Pneumatic Pre-Hemming Solution

Electromechanical Tabletop Hemming System