Cubo Framing Solution

Up to 4 models, the replacement of the geometry jigs is made during car body transfer (10 sec.) by means of 2 linear axes.

While robots are welding one model, the 2 linear axes first move the geometry jigs of the previously welded model into the storage placed behind the “CUBO” framer, then they pick up the geometry jigs for the next model (30 sec.).

Starting from the 5th model, AGVs are used to transfer the geometry jigs directly from an off-line storage area.

Cubo Framing Solution

The “CUBO” Framer designed by O.L.C.I. Engineering is a flexible B.I.W. framing system for variable production volumes, from low production capacity up to 60 jobs per hour.

  • Max. production capacity: 60 jph
  • Cycle time for maximum capacity 50 sec.
  • Number of models: 4 models geometry jigs in production + further models geometry jigs in an external storage area
  • Max. spot welding quantity for maximum capacity : 100 welding spots
  • Quantity of robot : 14
  • No civil works (pits) necessary

Cubo Lite For Low Production

Low production volumes can be easily managed by our “CUBO Lite” framing system, in which geometry grippers are handled by robots to pick-up car body parts, load them onto the underbody and fix the geometry by clamping the grippers on the “CUBO” framer steel structure.

Cubo System
Cubo System