Better efficiency, better quality

With the O.L.C.I. Engineering “CUBO” standard framer, production lines with innovative workflow and top quality levels were created for three different models of an international automotive luxury brand.

Main goal of the OEM was a flexible production line to assemble inner bodysides, underbody and car body complete, with a variable production rate of 6 to 11 jobs per hour, the possibility to produce up to 4 models with at least 2 different platforms and the achievement of the highest premium quality.


  • “CUBO” Framing system with integrated toy tabbing operation
  • Front loading of inner bodyside onto the geometry jigs
  • Welding of 300 studs in a specifically designed welding station, with rotary trunnions and vision/diagnostic systems, for welded stud quality check and possible back-up operation in the following station

O.L.C.I. Engineering is a market leader in the development, design and implementation of advanced production systems for the Automotive Industry.

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